Voices of the People

Society, Politics and Public Opinion in Guinea-Bissau

Miguel Carter and Carlos Cardoso




Miguel Carter and Carlos Cardoso

Part I. Voices of the People: The Study and Results

1.  Public opinion study in Guinea-Bissau: Highlights and methodology

     Miguel Carter

2.  Public Life: Democracy, civic engagement, and political parties

     Miguel Carter

3.  Social attitudes: Gender equality and interpersonal trust

     Miguel Carter

4.  Ethnicity, politics, and religion in a heterogenous society

     Miguel Carter

5.  Popular perceptions about politics and society

     Miguel Carter

6.  Public opinion in Guinea-Bissau and West Africa

     Miguel Carter

Part II. Analysis and Reflections


7.  Ethnicity, religion, and the popular history of power

     Toby Green

8.  Life conditions, territory, and social coexistence

     Miguel Carter, Carlos Cardoso and Nafiou Inoussa

9.  Gender relations

     Birgit Embaló

Politics and the State

10. Big man politics and regime instability

     Miguel Carter

11. State fragility and corruption

     Carlos Cardoso and Ismael Sadilú Sanhá

12. Political parties, elections, and citizen participation

      Rui Jorge Semedo and Paulina Mendes


13. State-society disjuncture

      Philip J. Havik and Joshua B. Forrest


The saga to publish the Voices of the People

Miguel Carter

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