Dear colleagues,

We are writing to request your support in our effort to repeal the European Union’s censorship of a groundbreaking academic study, the “Voices of the People” initiative in Guinea-Bissau.

The project was designed to advance scientific research and promote democratic development in this West African nation; and was undertaken with EU funding. 

It led to the preparation of three substantive reports and an edited volume, Voices of the People: Society, Politics and Public Opinion in Guinea-Bissau, crafted in collaboration with ten scholars from Africa, Europe and the Americas.

EU officials reviewed and praised the book manuscript. Yet, despite their commitment to publish the work, the EU decided in late November 2021 to bar the study and prohibit its distribution. No explanations were offered for this, despite repeated requests. 

We need your help to overcome this act of censorship and uphold the values of academic freedom. 

Please sign our petition to the European Union.

Here, you will find information on the Voices of the People project and the EU’s decision to suppress its publication.  

We greatly appreciate your support in this struggle.